A redesign for Amazon.com appears to be rolling out to select Google Chrome users (with Amazon Prime accounts).

This is the first major redesign for Amazon.com in a while, and it includes the same style left navigation drop down menu with some major changes. More specifically, there is a definite push for Amazon Prime, including books, e-books, cloud storage, music, streaming and download videos. Search gets a face lift, and the bright orange and blue boxes have been reduced to accent colors, something that many users will probably appreciate.

The timing of the site redesign seems fitting for the new Kindle product launch (shipping mid-November). Interestingly enough, we did not spot any redesigned pages on any browsers other than Chrome. It makes sense when you think about integration into Google Chrome’s web browser apps combined with the Kindle Fire running its own brew of Android.

If the rest of the redesign resembles the updated site navigation, we may be in for a big surprise.

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